Feb 11

Text Exchanges with the Hot Tub Guy

I had previously posted regarding the fact that a guy at a hot tub repair company had chosen to take some money for me for a repair and then never followed up after that point in terms of visiting and completing the repair…these text messages show you how it went down and the resulting total silence….NOT good!

Photo 1 shows the supposed BAD PUMP...

Photo 1 shows the supposed BAD PUMP…

Text set 4-6

Text set 7 to 9

NO RESPONSE to Messages

As you can see there were some interesting exchanges here including one about “mom’s funeral”. If there was a death in the family then I’m actually very sorry but the non-follow up, no return of phone calls or emails is not acceptable. And a later post does point suspicion to the overall communications….

Jan 05

Can I get Crowdsourcing Support to Track Down this Company?

Carolina Hot Tub Repairs is the name of the company that is presently annoying me. I have a hot tub at my home and about two years ago had to have the pump replaced because of a leak. Of course…lucky me…a one year warranty. So, searching for a new company to help me fix the leak in the “new pump” I did a search online and found www.carolinahottubrepair.com. I am generally very good in choosing companies and look for reviews etc. 6 weeks ago when I chose the company during the first week of November all reviews I found were positive. I left a message, got a very prompt reply and the technician said they would visit and check out the pump while I was traveling to Atlanta and Florida. While I was down in Florida I received a text message showing a photo of the leaking pump….i.e. the technician DID visit my home, did take the side of the hot tub off (and didn’t put it back on) and gave me a quote for the work to be done. I approved the work and price asking them to order the pump and schedule the work.I was told on a couple of occasions that “I will be there tomorrow” or “I will call to schedule a time”. I have received text messages saying the wrong pump was shipped initially and it had to be returned, have received texts from someone monitoring the phone and on and on and on. But 6 weeks later my pump is still not replaced and at this stage I cannot get any response.

I have all text exchanges we have ever made between each other and have made phone calls daily for the past two weeks without a response. I am presently sending one text message minimum per day and calling once a day. NO RESPONSE.

At this site I found this review from December:

“No service, no callback.

They came by on November 15, ordered a new drain valve, charged me $115, and left, promising to be back in 3-5 days to install new part. They did not come, did not call and did not answer numerous phone calls or emails for almost a month. Finally emailed back this Monday, said part was in and they would be here on Wednesday afternoon (yesterday) to install. Did not show, did not call and have not answered additional calls and emails. From internet search, I learn they go by numerous names – Carolina Hot Tub Repair; Above the Rest Hot Tub Repair; A Better Hot Tub Repair; and Fast Hot Tub Repair. Come on guys – I am still waiting……….

By December 12, 2013 at 10:47 AM

What I found interesting is that they have so many company names….this related maybe to the number of cities they cover? See the site home page and using ONE phone number to search look what shows up

  1. Above the Rest Hot Tub Repair – Asheville, NC (North Carolina


    Above the Rest Hot Tub Repair. Asheville, NC 28801 map. This profile is verified. Phone: (828)367-9005. Website: www.carolinahottubrepair.com. Email:.

  2. Carolina Hot Tub Repair, Inc. – Contact Us


    Call Us Today! Raleigh/Durham. Chapel Hill/Cary Holly Springs. Garner. (919) 561-5554. Asheville. Hendersonville. Brevard. (828) 367-9005. Charlotte/Lake 

  3. A Better Hot Tub Repair, Inc. – Contact Us


    Raleigh/Durham Chapel Hill/Cary Holly Springs Garner (919) 561-5554 AshevilleHendersonvilleBrevard/WNC (828) 367-9005 Charlotte/Lake 

I asked the Better Business Bureau to help and they commented that because there was no physical address they couldn’t help. BUT I managed to navigate through a number of complaint sites and company names and finally find an address so I handed that to the BBB today to see if they could help.

As it is I have a suggestion and a request.

SUGGESTION: Stay away from this company…unless they call me and clear this up soon then I have to believe that are simply predatory. If my accusations and perceptions are wrong they can clean this up easily with an email

REQUEST: If anyone knows someone at these companies, or can confirm a physical address please leave a comment on this post. Thanks.

Oct 16

Another Medoc Trail Race Under the Belt

This past weekend I ran my FAVORITE race in Hollister, North Carolina – The Medoc 10 Mile Trail Race. It was a trail race, the first time I had run 10 miles on a trail since I blew out my ankle (see this!) and  joy to run. This race is the best organized race of any race I have ever done. It runs on time, in the middle of nowhere. It is fun…the emails alone are enough to get you laughing and showing up to experience the rest! If you have never done a trail race and want to experience 10 miles of fun put this one on the list for next year. It’s the best…truly.

At the end of the 10 mile Medoc Trail Race…Mr Medoc and Me

Sep 03

To Half Iron Man …or not?

Triathlons take a lot of commitment. Heck, most things I do take a lot of commitment. Being a good husband to my wife, being a good father to Taylor and Tyler, being a good employee, authoring books, writing lots of scientific articles, lifting weights a few days a week, running regularly…and there is that thing called sleeping. Believe me…even THAT takes commitment. I literally have to force myself to go to sleep some nights as there is so much I want to do. That’s the nature of our household…high energy and go, go, go. So, when I heard that the Half Iron Man was coming to town next year it was really a matter of damn it…don’t dangle that in front of me. Same thing for my wife…she has a very similar make up and loves the challenge.

It will take a LOT of time. It will take time from my family…for both Sharon and I should we choose to do it. It will mean independent training as well as camaraderie and group runs, cycles, swims. it will mean a change in training regime, less weight-training with my friend David Nelson in order to free up time for more swim/bike/run. But it will be a challenge…almost certainly will hurt..a lot…and will add one more on the belt of been there..done there. All that on an ankle that swells a lot after a long run….

What the hell…coin toss to decide? Shaming by my friends? Stupid decisions after beer. What do you think….should I do it? And who wants to train with me? I’m hoping Sharon will give me swimming tips because she’s a damn good swimmer…me, not so much!

Sep 03

Come and join the Hallowed Half Marathon and Find Tom and Mitch

This year will see us host Wake Forest’s first Hallowed Half half marathon and 10k race. It is hosted by my wife as Race Director (Sharon Williams) and it should be a lot of fun. Especially if you want to help to find out what happened to Tom and Mitch. What happened? See this movie….


Mar 19

When Tony Started to Get His Groove Back Thanks to OPTA Wake Forest!

When my running career came to a crashing end right at the end of 2011 (December 30th to be precise!) I ended up with quite the injury (see attractive photo here). Seven weeks later I was making very little progress in terms of running…i could walk but the slightest attempt at speeding up was painful, to say the least. I could swim but couldn’t kick off the wall. I could cycle but couldn’t get out of the seat on a hill very easily. Eventually I had to choose a different path, despite my preference to tough it out. Sometimes you need to think with your head rather than the testosterone of suffering …certainly the way I tend to go. So, choosing a physical therapist was easy…I went with “OPTA”, the company that has hosted a couple of the runs for the Wake Forest Area Runners. Orthopedic Physical Therapy, or OPTA as we know them locally, have been a wonderful host to us as a running community. But, based on the experiences of a lot of people I know who have personally used their services, they offer superior treatment. So, off to see them I went.

I got to work with Olivier Chassin, one of the owners of the company and, without doubt, the best physical therapist I have ever worked with (and there have been a few based on my way of living and injuring!) Olivier was thorough in his examination and diagnosis (not as easy as just a sprained ankle). He was able to focus me on self-treatment exercises at home as well as pushing me through exercises at his facility. Lots of stretching, weight training to compensate for the injury and develop my core, ultrasound and electrostimulation and deep tissue massage around the ankle to reduce the swelling. By week three he had me jogging on a treadmill at 3.3 mph for 5 mins. It felt like a MAJOR accomplishment. Today I hit 4mph for 10 mins on the treadmill…and it really feels like I’m getting back into the groove and may actually be running some races in the enxt few months.

Thanks to Olivier, and ALL of the skilled staff at the Orthopedic Physical Therapy facility in Wake Forest I am optimistic I’ll be back out there in the next few months and, hopefully, running the next WFAR crawl from the OPTA facility. Thanks Olivier!

Feb 12

No Running in the Near Future

Ever since twisting my ankle I’ve gone from good days to bad days. I have reinjured the ankle twice and for the past week, while in the United Kingdom for business, have had to do a lot of walking around offices and buildings and my ankle is killing me. I am looking forward to getting home to my family and keeping my ice rested and iced. I doubt I’ll be running for a few months at this point. Every morning starts with stepping gingerly out of bed and down the stairs. I am going to get back on the bike and hope for the best and back in the pool and get in some laps. My body is starting to soften so I will get back to the weights. I REALLY miss running and connecting with the many friends I had made in my running circles and I desperately miss the joy of running trails. I expected to be recovering much faster at this point but so be it…back to other forms of exercise so get back in shape for the summer months….and some dietary controls to stop the paunch starting to appear….

Jan 05

Thanks for Following The Blog

I run and contribute to a number of blogs. When I transitioned 1000milesin1year over to this blog, now renamed to WelshManInAction in honor of my heritage, I was hoping for a small following. I am happy to know that you are interested in some of my comments. Thanks for visiting…the traffic stats are quite impressive for a new blog.

11 days of visitors

Despite the fact that I am presently injured with the sprained ankle I hope to find time to keep you aware of training tips and, as I move to cycling and swimming instead of running for a while, I will talk about how, and if, it helps me recover. My foot is now purple and blue but I am walking without crutches so on my way back….

Jan 05

Typical Post Cycle Ride Conversation

I am not sure how many of you are cyclists and how often you ride with a partner, but when your partner is serious this is the type of post-ride conversation that can happen. It’s more common when there is testosterone involved and can really take a turn when you are close friends. Me, I prefer challenging rides where you push each other, take care of each other and don’t do anything stupid to get hurt. Been there….done that. No point in getting hurt…it takes way too long to recover!


When I’ve been watching these movies I was trying to figure out how they were made so last night, while helping my friend Mark Jensen of GardenstoDieFor I decided to figure it out. The result of my first effort is below and relates to the blog I did about Pornstars and Scientists on Wikipedia. Enjoy…

Jan 01

Day Three after an ankle sprain while Trail Running

Day 3 after spraining ankle

It’s day three since I sprained my ankle on a 12 mile trail run. I’ve been rigorously following the advice of rest, ice, compression and elevation, commonly known as RICE. For sure the elevation is helping as when I don’t elevate for a couple of hours my foot swells up. The icing has been every two hours and if nothing else helps keep the temperature of the foot down since it has a nice warm glow otherwise. The baseball-sized initial sprain has expanded to bruising and swelling as you can see on the left. A nice rainbow of blue-purple has started from the base of the foot and I’m sure yellow will follow on soon.

As I’m a little more intelligent in terms of taking care of injuries after my calf injury a couple of years ago I am optimistic that I will have a fast recovery and am hoping to take the running “downtime” to log some miles in the pool and some miles on my bike over the next few weeks. I am aiming for one week to getting in the pool and 2 weeks for getting on my bike. Fortunately I have a logical and objective partner who lives with me and keeps me honest with what I am capable of. Fortunately! I have a habit of pushing too hard, too early, and reinjuring.

And before there are any comments about my furry feet, my Hobbit-like appearance I am Welsh…years of running in the fields in bare feet and hair is a natural response!

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