Dec 12

Training for the Medoc Trail Run

ORIGINAL POST JULY 31st 2010: http://1000milesin1year.blogspot.com/2010/07/training-for-medoc-trail-run.html

My calf muscle still hurts after tearing it earlier this year. But I am still running…I’ve knocked off a couple of sprint triathlons since then and feel a lot fitter since combining swimming, running and biking. Overall I am in better shape for combining the three and tomorrow will be doing a 1 mile open water swim with my good lady Sharon…not bad for someone who struggled with just a few lengths a few months ago. But running is great for me….love it…makes me feel high…a much needed body stimulant and good for the mind. I am now in training for the 10 mile Medoc Trail Run in October. I am doing my weekly combined trainings logging miles on the bike, on the road/treadmill and in the pool/lake. I am not getting as much weight training in as I would like and have been losing muscle size in preference to weight loss for t run…..dropping ten pounds in weight for the 10 miler is going to be a lot easier on my knees and back so that’s where I am…down from 180lbs to 170lbs, loss of muscle in the chest and arms but more able to sustain a good running pace….

Today I ran 5 miles on the Mountain to Sea Trail in less than an hour and could easily have kept going. it was 75F and much easier on me than the 95F of last weekend that was PAINFUL. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a lake swim with my lady Sharon who is also in the shape of her life prep’ing for a sprint tri at the end of August. It’s good to be alive!!!

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