Dec 30

How Fast Does the Internet Pick Up Blog Content

The internet is fascinating. I work in the internet everyday with my day job working on ChemSpider, as a chemist connecting chemists (the ChemConnector) and now with this blog. I participate in multiple blogs, wikis and many other social networks. The pace at which our creative works are moved around, cloned and copied is quite amazing, and unless there are checks being done for licenses there are likely to be millions of “content misdemeanors” every day as we use and reuse postings, images, videos etc in what we produce.

It’s the pace at which things move that continues to amaze me. I published a post on spraining my ankle at 2pm today. Tonight I checked Twitter and found that within two hours of me posting my blog post had been linked from a site about Trail Running.

Twitter record of my blog post

I am simply writing a small blog to capture my travels through exercising and even that is being discovered, lifted and reused quickly. One has to wonder how much of the web is simply lifted, cloned and redistributed now…

The Trail Runner "Paper"


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