Dec 30

Trail Running and a Sprained Ankle

My Left Foot after a trail run

December 30th and all set for a 12 mile run with Matt Ferris on the Mountains-to-Sea trail around Falls Lake near Raleigh. It was a point-to-point..car drop off at one end and running to the other. The temperature was 39F and it was warming quickly. A GREAT day for a trail run. Leaves were on the trail from the fall and the trail is technical…but I’ve run it well over 50 times. So, 0.7 miles into the run when I heard a crunch followed immediately by incredible pain in my left ankle and fell to the floor grabbing for a tree to hold. Some random swearing, hobbling and grunting and I was encouraging Matt to continue running to the end and I would hobble back to his van and drive it to the end. That’s what I did…40 mins to cover 0.7 miles. Then driving home in a car with a clutch….ow,ow. The photo to the left is what I saw when I finally took my sock off. Into the emergency room, an X-ray to confirm only a sprained ankle and I likely have a few weeks before I can even consider running. That really screws up my new intention to run 1000 miles in one year. Crap.

For the time-being I am sitting with an ice pack strapped on my ankle and wondering whether I’ll be needing the vicodin tonight that I was prescribed…..


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  1. John Dudley

    So sorry to hear about your injury. I’ve done that trail with you on four separate occasions. I have fallen on three of those trips. And yet feel so lucky that I have not sustained any injury like you have today. Hoping that you make a speedy recovery so that we may hit those trails again.

    1. Antony Williams, ChemConnector

      John…I wouldn’t wish a sprain like this on my worst enemy. Damn painful! But the swelling is starting to go down after 3 days of icing and I am starting to put a little more weight on it. I hope to be swimming at least within a week. I’ll go stir crazy otherwise!

  2. Sarah

    Your ankle looks just like Matthew’s ankle did when he shattered his talus bone. Matt walked around on it for a few weeks and he tore apart the cartilage.

    If it makes you feel any better my doctor just told me today that I tore the labrum tendon in my hip that holds my leg on and I need a CAT scan cause he thinks my femoral head is misshapen because of it. Looks like I’m getting surgery, rest up we dont want you to have to have surgery. ;(

    1. Antony Williams, ChemConnector

      Well your comment makes me feel a little better. Matt is a great runner and if he runs that well after an injury like mine then I’m optimistic. Of course we have that little issue of age difference…not that we haven’t discussed that before!!!

      Sorry to hear that you have to go in for surgery. SHaron was telling me it would be a long recovery. What a pair we make. DOn’t worry…we’ll come and keep you company if you ever need our help! Happy New Year

  3. vanessa

    are you running again? I did that to my ankle 3 weeks ago, it still looks like your picture. I continued doing shorter gentler runs after 4 days resting it and wonder if I am not doing it good by running on it. it still hurts and feels stiff.

    1. Antony Williams, ChemConnector

      It’s been a while since I’ve been on the blog….TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS. Yes, I am running again…back up to about 15-20 miles a week. My ankle did NOT shrink much!!! But there is no pain when I run and I am told it could be a couple of years before it shrinks back to normal, if ever

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