Jan 01

Day Three after an ankle sprain while Trail Running

Day 3 after spraining ankle

It’s day three since I sprained my ankle on a 12 mile trail run. I’ve been rigorously following the advice of rest, ice, compression and elevation, commonly known as RICE. For sure the elevation is helping as when I don’t elevate for a couple of hours my foot swells up. The icing has been every two hours and if nothing else helps keep the temperature of the foot down since it has a nice warm glow otherwise. The baseball-sized initial sprain has expanded to bruising and swelling as you can see on the left. A nice rainbow of blue-purple has started from the base of the foot and I’m sure yellow will follow on soon.

As I’m a little more intelligent in terms of taking care of injuries after my calf injury a couple of years ago I am optimistic that I will have a fast recovery and am hoping to take the running “downtime” to log some miles in the pool and some miles on my bike over the next few weeks. I am aiming for one week to getting in the pool and 2 weeks for getting on my bike. Fortunately I have a logical and objective partner who lives with me and keeps me honest with what I am capable of. Fortunately! I have a habit of pushing too hard, too early, and reinjuring.

And before there are any comments about my furry feet, my Hobbit-like appearance I am Welsh…years of running in the fields in bare feet and hair is a natural response!

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  1. Bert Ramsay

    As I have gotten older, I have found it worth thinking about how to modify my youthful priorities. Every few years.
    So I still play tennis (doubles) – but don’t go after the wide shots from my younger competitors (55+). Instead I try to make my opponents do the running. Not sure this relates to your injuries.
    Take care of yourself and family.

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