Feb 12

No Running in the Near Future

Ever since twisting my ankle I’ve gone from good days to bad days. I have reinjured the ankle twice and for the past week, while in the United Kingdom for business, have had to do a lot of walking around offices and buildings and my ankle is killing me. I am looking forward to getting home to my family and keeping my ice rested and iced. I doubt I’ll be running for a few months at this point. Every morning starts with stepping gingerly out of bed and down the stairs. I am going to get back on the bike and hope for the best and back in the pool and get in some laps. My body is starting to soften so I will get back to the weights. I REALLY miss running and connecting with the many friends I had made in my running circles and I desperately miss the joy of running trails. I expected to be recovering much faster at this point but so be it…back to other forms of exercise so get back in shape for the summer months….and some dietary controls to stop the paunch starting to appear….

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