Mar 19

When Tony Started to Get His Groove Back Thanks to OPTA Wake Forest!

When my running career came to a crashing end right at the end of 2011 (December 30th to be precise!) I ended up with quite the injury (see attractive photo here). Seven weeks later I was making very little progress in terms of running…i could walk but the slightest attempt at speeding up was painful, to say the least. I could swim but couldn’t kick off the wall. I could cycle but couldn’t get out of the seat on a hill very easily. Eventually I had to choose a different path, despite my preference to tough it out. Sometimes you need to think with your head rather than the testosterone of suffering …certainly the way I tend to go. So, choosing a physical therapist was easy…I went with “OPTA”, the company that has hosted a couple of the runs for the Wake Forest Area Runners. Orthopedic Physical Therapy, or OPTA as we know them locally, have been a wonderful host to us as a running community. But, based on the experiences of a lot of people I know who have personally used their services, they offer superior treatment. So, off to see them I went.

I got to work with Olivier Chassin, one of the owners of the company and, without doubt, the best physical therapist I have ever worked with (and there have been a few based on my way of living and injuring!) Olivier was thorough in his examination and diagnosis (not as easy as just a sprained ankle). He was able to focus me on self-treatment exercises at home as well as pushing me through exercises at his facility. Lots of stretching, weight training to compensate for the injury and develop my core, ultrasound and electrostimulation and deep tissue massage around the ankle to reduce the swelling. By week three he had me jogging on a treadmill at 3.3 mph for 5 mins. It felt like a MAJOR accomplishment. Today I hit 4mph for 10 mins on the treadmill…and it really feels like I’m getting back into the groove and may actually be running some races in the enxt few months.

Thanks to Olivier, and ALL of the skilled staff at the Orthopedic Physical Therapy facility in Wake Forest I am optimistic I’ll be back out there in the next few months and, hopefully, running the next WFAR crawl from the OPTA facility. Thanks Olivier!

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