Sep 03

To Half Iron Man …or not?

Triathlons take a lot of commitment. Heck, most things I do take a lot of commitment. Being a good husband to my wife, being a good father to Taylor and Tyler, being a good employee, authoring books, writing lots of scientific articles, lifting weights a few days a week, running regularly…and there is that thing called sleeping. Believe me…even THAT takes commitment. I literally have to force myself to go to sleep some nights as there is so much I want to do. That’s the nature of our household…high energy and go, go, go. So, when I heard that the Half Iron Man was coming to town next year it was really a matter of damn it…don’t dangle that in front of me. Same thing for my wife…she has a very similar make up and loves the challenge.

It will take a LOT of time. It will take time from my family…for both Sharon and I should we choose to do it. It will mean independent training as well as camaraderie and group runs, cycles, swims. it will mean a change in training regime, less weight-training with my friend David Nelson in order to free up time for more swim/bike/run. But it will be a challenge…almost certainly will hurt..a lot…and will add one more on the belt of been there..done there. All that on an ankle that swells a lot after a long run….

What the hell…coin toss to decide? Shaming by my friends? Stupid decisions after beer. What do you think….should I do it? And who wants to train with me? I’m hoping Sharon will give me swimming tips because she’s a damn good swimmer…me, not so much!


  1. Craig James

    Don’t do it. There is strong evidence that running marathons does significant long-term damage to your body, especially your heart. It’s a classic case of overdoing a good thing to the point where it does far more harm than good … all to satisfy your ego.

    The best advice I’ve ever heard is in this article:


    In a nutshell: Train for the marathon … but then watch it from the sidelines. You get all of the benefits of exercise, but you don’t actually do the extreme run that starts to break down tissues and cause cardiac inflammation.

    I’m a victim of too much exercise. In my case, bicycling. I would love nothing more than to climb on my bike and ride a nice fifty-mile loop on a sunny Sunday … but I’m limited to about 10 miles, or 25 if I want to suffer swollen knees for the next two or three days. If I’d ridden responsibly in my twenties and thirties, I’d still be riding comfortably today (I’m 58).

    My two cent!

    1. Antony Williams, ChemConnector

      Craig..I decided to NOT do it. I could probably do it but it would be hard on me emotionally missing my children at the weekends which is the primary time I could train. I’ve decided to stick to my 5km/8km/10km/10 mile and half-marathon distances…anything around two hours really. I DO like to go out and knock off 50 miles on a bike though still…I’m 48 and still doing it and not hurting much at all. But the reality is I need more sleep…the disease of the West…

  2. Joseph

    Dave can be your training partner!

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