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Name: Antony Williams
Date registered: December 5, 2011


Over the past decade I held many responsibilities including the direction of the development of scientific software applications for spectroscopy and general chemistry, directing marketing efforts, sales and business development collaborations for the company. Eight years experience of analytical laboratory leadership and management. Experienced in experimental techniques, implementation of new NMR technologies, walk-up facility management, research and development, manufacturing support and teaching. Ability to provide situation analysis, creative solutions and establish good working relationships. Prolific author with over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific publications, 3 patents and many public presentations. Founder of ChemZoo Inc., the host of ChemSpider ( ChemSpider is an open access online database of chemical structures and property transaction based services to enable chemists around the world to data mine chemistry databases. The Royal Society of Chemistry acquired ChemSpider in May 2009. Presently working as a consortium member of the OpenPHACTS IMI project. This focuses on how drug discovery can utilize semantic technologies to improve decision making and brings together 22 European team members to develop an infrastructure to link together public and private data for the drug discovery community. I am one of the hosts for three wikis for Science: ScientistsDB, SciMobileApps and SciDBs. Specialties Leadership in the domain of free access Chemistry, Product and project management, Organizational and Leadership development, Competitive analysis and Business Development, Entrepreneurial.

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Feb 11

Text Exchanges with the Hot Tub Guy

NO RESPONSE to Messages

I had previously posted regarding the fact that a guy at a hot tub repair company had chosen to take some money for me for a repair and then never followed up after that point in terms of visiting and completing the repair…these text messages show you how it went down and the resulting total …

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Jan 05

Can I get Crowdsourcing Support to Track Down this Company?

Carolina Hot Tub Repairs is the name of the company that is presently annoying me. I have a hot tub at my home and about two years ago had to have the pump replaced because of a leak. Of course…lucky me…a one year warranty. So, searching for a new company to help me fix the …

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Oct 16

Another Medoc Trail Race Under the Belt

At the end of the 10 mile Medoc Trail Race...Mr Medoc and Me

This past weekend I ran my FAVORITE race in Hollister, North Carolina – The Medoc 10 Mile Trail Race. It was a trail race, the first time I had run 10 miles on a trail since I blew out my ankle (see this!) and  joy to run. This race is the best organized race of …

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Sep 03

To Half Iron Man …or not?

Triathlons take a lot of commitment. Heck, most things I do take a lot of commitment. Being a good husband to my wife, being a good father to Taylor and Tyler, being a good employee, authoring books, writing lots of scientific articles, lifting weights a few days a week, running regularly…and there is that thing …

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Sep 03

Come and join the Hallowed Half Marathon and Find Tom and Mitch

This year will see us host Wake Forest’s first Hallowed Half half marathon and 10k race. It is hosted by my wife as Race Director (Sharon Williams) and it should be a lot of fun. Especially if you want to help to find out what happened to Tom and Mitch. What happened? See this movie…. …

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Mar 19

When Tony Started to Get His Groove Back Thanks to OPTA Wake Forest!


When my running career came to a crashing end right at the end of 2011 (December 30th to be precise!) I ended up with quite the injury (see attractive photo here). Seven weeks later I was making very little progress in terms of running…i could walk but the slightest attempt at speeding up was painful, …

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Feb 12

No Running in the Near Future

Ever since twisting my ankle I’ve gone from good days to bad days. I have reinjured the ankle twice and for the past week, while in the United Kingdom for business, have had to do a lot of walking around offices and buildings and my ankle is killing me. I am looking forward to getting …

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Jan 05

Thanks for Following The Blog

I run and contribute to a number of blogs. When I transitioned 1000milesin1year over to this blog, now renamed to WelshManInAction in honor of my heritage, I was hoping for a small following. I am happy to know that you are interested in some of my comments. Thanks for visiting…the traffic stats are quite impressive …

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Jan 05

Typical Post Cycle Ride Conversation

I am not sure how many of you are cyclists and how often you ride with a partner, but when your partner is serious this is the type of post-ride conversation that can happen. It’s more common when there is testosterone involved and can really take a turn when you are close friends. Me, I …

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Jan 01

Day Three after an ankle sprain while Trail Running

It’s day three since I sprained my ankle on a 12 mile trail run. I’ve been rigorously following the advice of rest, ice, compression and elevation, commonly known as RICE. For sure the elevation is helping as when I don’t elevate for a couple of hours my foot swells up. The icing has been every …

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