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Feb 11

Text Exchanges with the Hot Tub Guy

NO RESPONSE to Messages

I had previously posted regarding the fact that a guy at a hot tub repair company had chosen to take some money for me for a repair and then never followed up after that point in terms of visiting and completing the repair…these text messages show you how it went down and the resulting total …

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Jan 05

Can I get Crowdsourcing Support to Track Down this Company?

Carolina Hot Tub Repairs is the name of the company that is presently annoying me. I have a hot tub at my home and about two years ago had to have the pump replaced because of a leak. Of course…lucky me…a one year warranty. So, searching for a new company to help me fix the …

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Feb 12

No Running in the Near Future

Ever since twisting my ankle I’ve gone from good days to bad days. I have reinjured the ankle twice and for the past week, while in the United Kingdom for business, have had to do a lot of walking around offices and buildings and my ankle is killing me. I am looking forward to getting …

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Jan 01

Day Three after an ankle sprain while Trail Running

It’s day three since I sprained my ankle on a 12 mile trail run. I’ve been rigorously following the advice of rest, ice, compression and elevation, commonly known as RICE. For sure the elevation is helping as when I don’t elevate for a couple of hours my foot swells up. The icing has been every …

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Dec 30

How Fast Does the Internet Pick Up Blog Content

Twitter record of my blog post

The internet is fascinating. I work in the internet everyday with my day job working on ChemSpider, as a chemist connecting chemists (the ChemConnector)¬†and now with this blog. I participate in multiple blogs, wikis and many other social networks. The pace at which our creative works are moved around, cloned and copied is quite amazing, …

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Dec 27

Changing the Name of My Blog

I am NOT blogging from here!

Okay…so maybe was NOT the wisest name for a blog. Here I am thinking it’s amusing, witty, and indicative of my want to “keep going” as long as possible but based on some feedback some people have been misinterpreting it. Yes, you guessed it…they think I might be discussing my GI distress, my rotten-squatten, …

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Dec 12

Arranging a Date with a Triathlete

YouTube is a fun place to find stuff to giggle at…and fortunately I am not in the dating scene else it would be hard work…just to get “five minutes”.  

Dec 12

ChemConnector Back with a New Blog

My name is Antony Williams, but online I am known as ChemConnector because I am a chemist and I work to connect chemists…to each other, to data, to services. The last time I set up a blog about fitness was my 1000miles in1year blog where I was hoping to document my experiences of trying to …

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Dec 12

Running the Medoc Trail Race

ORIGINAL POST: OCTOBER 17th 2010 from A few months ago I signed up to do the Medoc Trail Run and all of the other training this year, the triathlons, long 150 mile bike ride, long swims and so on have all been to help get me into shape for this 10 miler in the …

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Dec 12

Training for the Medoc Trail Run

ORIGINAL POST JULY 31st 2010: My calf muscle still hurts after tearing it earlier this year. But I am still running…I’ve knocked off a couple of sprint triathlons since then and feel a lot fitter since combining swimming, running and biking. Overall I am in better shape for combining the three and tomorrow will …

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